Have Unique Flavors and Many Benefits

Processed swallow nests are usually presented in fancy restaurants. Let alone now, in the past the only people who consumed swallow’s nest food were the kings and the nobility. Yes that was earlier, because the price is expensive, so moneyed people who can buy it.

The price of processed bird’s nests sold in restaurants in Indonesia reaches Rp480 thousand per portion. Wow, half a million alone. There is a price, there is a taste. Swallow’s nest has a wonderful taste, so for fans, the price is fairly worth it.

In addition to the taste that shakes the tongue, it turns out that the swallow’s nest has a variety of other properties, namely for health and beauty. One of them is the sarang burung walet amino acid content in swiftlet’s nests. Saliva that forms swallow’s nests contains aspartic acid and proline which can help regenerate body cells.

Other ingredients, cysteine ​​and phenylalanine, tyrosine, and glucosamine are very good for improving the working memory of the brain, thus accelerating recovery after illness. Swallow’s nests also have a variety of important mineral contents to boost the immune system.

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Need Large Capital, But Comparable with Results
For swallow’s nest cultivation, the most important is to find a strategic place that is the location of wandering birds. In other words, find the habitat of the swallow itself. After that, you have to build an empty building as a stopover for the swallow. You need to know, because swallows have short legs, they cannot land on the ground, but can stick to walls. This type of bird also likes the location of the room like a cave that is quite wide.

So, if you want to do swallow nest business and want to cultivate it, you need to prepare a building that is wide and tall with open holes so that swallow can make a nest in it. Unfortunately, it took a large capital of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah to build the building. So the swallow nest business is not a small capital business.

But the money that has to be spent on swallow’s nest cultivation will be commensurate with the results. Because the swallow’s nest harvest doesn’t take long. The fastest one month, and three months the longest. Every time the harvest is abundant, around 10-30 kg. Supported by high demand, the price of swallow’s nests can rise high.

If you are just learning cultivation, and only get one to two kg of swallow’s nests at a time of harvest, that’s good enough. Bagged turnover can reach tens of millions of rupiah. With the right business development projection, consistently run it, the swallow’s nest business will bring many times profit.

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