Selling On eBay Vs Selling Through Your Own Online Store

There are costs when you sell items via eBay; after all, that is how eBay makes its money, and PayPal too, but the costs mostly come through sales and are not set up costs. If you wish to have a high profile on eBay or are selling certain specialist goods, then eBay does have a long list of variable charges which merchants can find expensive.

The alternative to selling on eBay is selling through your own online store which is perfectly possible, but getting customers to your store is the big problem. website design agency london Your website should be set up by a professional website designer who understands fully how search engines operate so that the design and construction of your website together with copy that is rich in key words ensure that your online store is search engine optimised. If you construct the website yourself, you run the risk of your business never being found.

It is perfectly possible to find out via search engines such as Google the key words and phrases that are most popularly used by people searching for your particular product or service. The problem is that the Internet is always evolving and it’s a fulltime job by SEO specialists to keep abreast of what is happening in the virtual world of commerce. You can spend so much time worrying about your search engine ranking, that you neglect your core business. If you are dipping your toe in the world of online marketing, selling products on eBay is a brilliant way to start. Assuming that you are a success and are doing well on eBay, you can in tandem set up your own website while still making money via eBay. It may be that even when you have your own online store with shopping carts, merchant accounts and are encrypted for accepting credit cards, you may wish to still sell certain key items via eBay.

There is no doubt that the Internet offers a level playing field to some extent but it also allows for intense global competition. There are e-commerce tutorials that can guide you through the complexities of getting found on the Internet but to really succeed, your online store needs to have a unique selling point in terms of price or the rarity of your service or product.

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